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A letter from one of my patients
I started seeing Dr. Helen about my foot pain in June
2015 (after I had been going to an acupuncturist
twice a week for about three months in Longview )in
2 sessions she had my feet pain-free and about a
month later I had a relapse. I went to another
acupuncturist in Longview and they said they could
not help me so I traveled back to Beaumont ( 195
Miles one way )to see Dr. Helen and for probably
two months this time only twice a month. But now I
am almost pain-free she is very good at what she
does and I can't think her enough there are not very
many people that know how to do what she does.
Thank you very much!!!!
another letter
I felt it incumbent upon myself to write a note about
the treatment I have recently received from Dr.
Helen. For a number of years, I have suffered with
severe back and hip pain. After trying every
conventional medical option, short of surgery, I was
referred to Dr. Helen by our friend, Kelly Brewer.
Before seeing her, all my daily activities were very
arduous. My posture was noticeably slumped
forward when I walked. I was unable to shop for
groceries without assistance. My household chores
became too difficult to complete to my satisfaction.
However, since beginning treatment with this
caring, empathetic, and talented doctor, my pain has
diminished substantially, my improved posture has
been noticed by everyone that knows me and I am
able to enjoy time with my granddaughter with so
much more ease. I cannot thank Dr. Helen enough
for restoring my life back to a point that I had frankly
given up on ever enjoying again. Thank you, Kelly,
for sending me to her and thank you, thank you,
thank you, Dr. Helen for all you've done.


For the last 9 years I have suffered with pain. After
hernia surgery in 2016, the pain became intolerable
to the point I could not sit without being in severe
pain. I could not accept this was going to be the way
my life was going to be. I researched acupuncture
as my last resort and found Dr.Helen. What a
Blessing that was!  When I first started the
treatments , my goal was to enjoy the Thanksgiving
and Christmas Holidays by sitting and enjoying my
family. Dr.Helen made that happen for me. She has
undoubtedly given back to me my quality of life. I
without any reservations highly recommend
Dr.Helen to anyone in pain.. This lovely caring lady
has changed my life more than I ever expected. Dr.
Helen you are my guardian angel.

With much admiration,
Diane M.
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bipolar disorder,
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Correct the breech presentation, Induce labor past the due date (post-term)
Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy - Control weight gain, chronic
fatigue, aging and liver spots, water retention, hot flashes, vaginal dryness,
osteoporosis, mood swings and depression associated with Menopause

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