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location: 2360 eastex freeway. beaumont,tx
Licensed Acupuncturist & herbalist in TX
The winner of 2008,2009 reader's choice  Award
( the best acupuncture service in Golden triangle,tx)
Medical doctor in china,
radiologist and acupuncturist
17 years of experience in acupuncture
Specialized in: chronic pain, sciatica,Depression,indigestion,bladder disorder,ED,
Infertility, IVF enhancement,Arthritis,Weight loss,acid reflex, stomach ulcer,   
constipation, gallbladder stone,tinnitus,Fibromyalgia,Stoke
Bell' palsy,Asthma,Allergies,sinusitis,disc disorders,autoimmune disease,
Insomnia,Migraine,Facelift,Hypertension,diabetes and its complication,
bipolar disorder,chronic fatigue,ect.

General Health Issues
Stress & Pain Management without drugs
Urinary Tract Disorders, Recurring Infection, Interstitial Cystitis
Irritable Bowel, Colitis, Recurrent stomach ache
Allergy & Asthma prevention and control
Smoking cessation - Break addition to cigarettes  
Drug addition - Break addiction to habit forming drugs

Women's Health Issues
Menstrual Cramps, Uterine Fibroids, Endometriosis
Reproduction & Pregnancy - Increase the success rate of IVF, Miscarriage
prevention, Infertility issues
Maternity Support - Eliminate/minimize morning sickness, Post-labor recuperation,
Correct the breech presentation, Induce labor past the due date (post-term)
Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy - Control weight gain, chronic
fatigue, aging and liver spots, water retention, hot flashes, vaginal dryness,
osteoporosis, mood swings and depression associated with Menopause

Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist
Texas License number: 00535
Medical doctor in China
Master of Science in Acupuncture
more than 1
7 years  experience  

We are thorough, thoughtful, caring and specialized in acupuncture.

We are your best choice in acupuncture
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2360 eastex freeway. beaumont, tx
located between 11 street exit and delaware exit,

next to cathedral in the pine( a huge church)